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AmigaGuide is a hypertext document file format designed for the Amiga, files are stored in ASCII so it is possible to read and edit a file without the need for. AmigaGuide is a mark-up language for hypertext documents, introduced by Commodore International in as part of Workbench and later extended in . AmigaGuide can display plain ASCII text files and AmigaGuide databases. An AmigaGuide database is a single file that consists of a set of.

AmigaGuide is a hypertext system widely used in AmigaOS for documentation. You'll find AmigaGuide files included with most Amiga software. Short: millerroofingconc.comy-system for OS < Architecture: m68k-amigaos. Date : Download: - View. Introduction To Tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to create your very own AmigaGuide. Yes that's right anyone can create these powerful documents using .

NAME millerroofingconc.compe -- data type for AmigaGuide databases. FUNCTION The millerroofingconc.compe is the DataTypes class for AmigaGuide databases. AmigaGuide Reader (agr for short) is a command line program for viewing AmigaGuide files, the native documentation format commonly used on the Amiga .