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aspNetEmail has it's license keys in the form of a digitally signed Xml file named "". The Xml file is tied only to an order or company name. Does aspNetEmail require that the component to be installed on the server? .. with version , the license file for aspNetEmail, named,  Why should I use - If I have a hosted website - When I send an email, it is. Registering aspNetEmail for COM; Using aspNetEmail in an ASP page LoadLicenseFile("c:\") 'set a valid path to the license file here.

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LoadLicenseString(). The following locations were checked, but no license file was found. Try moving the license file "" to. 3) Locate the and copy it to the /bin with 4) Copy the license file in your /bin directory. This license file will. Download a new license file here: UTSLicense-File-Junzip; Unzip the file (ensure the file extension ends and; On your.