Hillywood show supernatural parody download

Hillywood show supernatural parody

It's based around Taylor Swift's song Shake it off. Jensen Ackles, Rob Benedict, Osric Chau. Title: Supernatural Parody (21 May ). Lyrics to Supernatural Parody by The Hillywood Show®. I stay up too late, I've got the Mark of Cain, That's what Sam would say, Yeah That's what Cas would say. You've probably heard of sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi thanks to their hilarious parodies on their YouTube channel, The Hillywood Show.

On 21 May , Hannah and Hilly Hindi aka The Hillywood Show, posted a musical Supernatural parody based on Taylor Swift's song "Shake. On Aug 16, , Hannah and Hilly Hindi aka The Hillywood Show, second Supernatural parody was posted.. It is a mashup with the original. Supernatural Parody This song is by The Hillywood Show. I stay up too late I&# 39;ve got the Mark of Cain That's what Sam would say (yeah) That's.

Back with their second Supernatural Parody, The Hillywood Show perfectly mixes the iconic aspects of Ghostbusters with Supernatural.