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Soup for maya

about soup-dev. Our products provide a vast framework that brings many new capabilities to Maya and enables artists to achieve results impossible to. SOuP Project Contributor Jeremy Raven Shows How You Can Use a Combination of SOuP Nodes and Maya's Modeling Tools to Model. SOuP is a powerful toolset developed to extend the Maya application. It is a suite of nodes and tools that allow 3D artists to create visual effects in a procedural.

13 Jun - 22 min - Uploaded by SOuP - Dev Use SOuP nodes to create cool procedural non-destructive SOuP - Dev Autodesk Maya. 2 May - 14 min - Uploaded by fermicg for More details, Step by step instruction and download link. Soup Node is. (Copied from original User Voice forum) Maya needs to be more procedural, like Houdini, XSI (ICE), etc. "Integrate and improve the SOuP.

The fundamental problem is fitting a Houdini mindset onto Maya's dependency graph, it's not a comfortable match. Soup to soup node. Hey All - I was wondering if any of the Maya users here have been checking out Peter Shipkov's new plugin SOuP. Basically it brings Houdini.