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The king of tibetan antelope

24 Feb - 1 min - Uploaded by 饶伟峰 This film tell us a lovely story about a little Tibet plateau, who finally became the real king with. The King of Tibetan Antelope is a story about a young antelope, Nulu, who is separated from his hoard after a sudden fatal attack by poachers. Having seen his. 29 Apr - 9 min Chinese cgi animation about antelopes migratory patterns turned into a story. It's got subs but.

THE KING OF TIBETAN ANTELOPE A small Tibetan antelope "Nulu " with the help of his little friends to pursue dream to return to their homes. His bravery. THE KING OF TIBETAN ANTELOP. 藏羚王 With the baptism of ice and fire, the little antelope, Nulu finally became the real king of Tibetan antelope. The King of Tibetan Antelope Directed by Aidan Allers Randall Minkoff Produced by Emille Hahn Screenplay by Keaton Flicker Story by Jordy Ranft Christian.

The Tibetan antelope or chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii) is a medium-sized bovid native to the Tibetan plateau. Fewer than , mature individuals are left in. Plot: A small Tibetan antelope pursues its dream to return home and become the king of Tibet Antelope. Genres: Animation Original Title: The King of Tibetan.