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Powder game viewer

Remake program of 'Powder Game' and introduced more realistic physical calculation. Since there are a wide variety of powders, please make scientific. When whirlwind picks up the leaves, flow of the wind is visible and interesting. Simulation game that reproduces such phenomenon with powder (dot)! Let's vote . Physics simulation game that reproduce phenomenon that flow of wind be seen leaves by powder (dots)!. Powder Game iPhone iPhone v Powder Game .

Powder Game (formerly called Powder Game Viewer) is a Dan-Ball app game released in 28 April, It is essentially the old Powder Game imported into the . Pump is a solid element in Powder Game. Contents[show] Properties Absorbs liquids, and the element gas. Pump can become charged with these elements in a. Mercury is a liquid element in Powder Game. Contents[show] Properties Mercury is a liquid similar to ant, because powders can lay on its surface and will not.

Imagine the cool phenomenon when the wind blows the falling leaves. This game physics simulates the phenomenon with powder (dots)! You can choose more. Powder Game Viewer - Dan Ball beat you. plypencil April Member 2 Permalink. The Powder Game has been ported to iOS devices.